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My never-ending love affair with January sales

Anyone who’s friends with me will know I have a slight shopping problem. Once a week or so my debit card will slip out of my pocket in exchange for a piece of clothing that, at that moment, I just need.

This time of year is the worst for it, as one of the few people who love January (thanks to my birthday being smack bang in the middle of the month), I don’t have that spendthrift attitude that 95% of the world has realised is necessary to finally implement, instead I’m channeling the ‘treat yourself’ mantra. I deserve it… right?

I look forward to the January sales as much as I get excited for the festive season that precedes it. It’s not just a matter of buying a nice new pair of shoes or top, it’s a battle of tolerance, courage, and willpower. The seasoned shopper will know that once November comes, the current season is well and truly in place, and in the space of one short month- well, that pair of boots you’re coveting? It’s gonna be half price. Now, this is where it gets interesting- do you:

A. Buy the shoes, and just hide under a rock come sale time to avoid the financial crushing that is to come?

B. Leave them, and risk it all– assuring yourself that you will be the first one in that sale queue? (N.B. You won’t.)

C. Consider A & B whilst walking around the shops, decide on B- then panic as soon as you get home and end up ordering online and suffering the daylight robbery that is a delivery charge.

Decisions, decisions. I can’t lie, I’m definitely more of an A than a B, but there’s also a magical secret category D I haven’t mentioned. The undiscovered items that appear in your life once final clearance arrives. Some may think that final clearance is literally everyone else’s unwanted crap, but that my friends is where you are wrong. I have picked up some absolute gems over the past couple of weeks at just a third of the price that I never would have noticed on the shop floor- my favourite being a pair of M&S jeans for TEN POUNDS FIFTY. My Pret lunch costs more! For every regret of overspending for an item I’ve had I can now say I’ve purchased an absolute steal to match it. Maybe my next shopping decision should be the art of the capsule wardrobe- although the likelihood of that happening is slimmer than my wallet after my January sales spending.


The season of glitter is over, but I still want to sparkle in every way possible

It was all over in a flash. The build up to Christmas this year felt like the longest period ever, yet the event itself was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ situation. Now, the festive season is over, 2018 is upon us, and the weather is hideously grey, as if facing the reality we’ve all ignored over the past week and a half wasn’t already punishment enough.

The fact of the matter is that everything is just better at Christmas. We’re at least 10 times more cheerful, although that may have something to do with the constant flow of mulled wine in our bodies, but in truth, one of my favourite things about the month of December is how glamorous everyone is.

The art of dressing for Noel means that all bets are off. Want to wear a Macklemore-esque fur coat at 9am on a Tuesday morning? Go for it. A red lip 5 shades bolder than anything you would ever normally wear? It’s festive. The confidence of Christmas means that people will wear garments that spend the other 11 months of the year hidden in the depths of the wardrobes as they’re ‘special’. And you know what? I refuse to become one of those types.

Many people think that buying clothes doesn’t count as a legitimate hobby, but I think they’re wrong. Practicality does of course have to come into (some) fruition, I’ve caught far too many colds from a lack of layers and injured myself due to unsuitable shoes to argue otherwise. But, one of the beauties of having what some would call ‘far too many clothes’ means that whatever I choose to add will go with at least 3 things I already own. I also like to try and wear everything in my wardrobe as much as life allows, which means packing lightly is pretty much an impossibility (especially when you spend as much time as I do living out of my suitcase.) I also keep up the mantra that if something is just ‘average’, or that disgusting word… ‘nice’ then I won’t buy it. Why should hard earned cash go on ‘meh?’ Now that does mean I frequently may be the most overdressed in the room, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

I feel like more people should adopt this mantra. I’m all for a comfy jumper and jeans if that’s what makes you feel best, but why not go for a sparkly or brightly patterned jumper, one that would normally be reserved for a ‘special occasion’ to brighten yourself and your routine up? If that doesn’t make you feel fabulous then the compliments you most definitely will receive will do the same job. Just keep the Christmas jumper out of bounds until December- even I would say that’s a bridge too far.