The humble puffa jacket

It happened earlier this year. I resisted for so long, with references to Arsene Wenger in the back of my mind. Then, one day, in a Calvin Klein store, I spotted it. Something so beautiful, I had to have it immediately- and I risked getting dangerously close to my student overdraft just to do so. In the space of ten short minutes I became the owner of my very own puffa jacket, something that I never thought would happen. To many, this may seem petty- but as a girl who doesn’t wear jeans, for such a casual item to become one of my main wardrobe staples is actually a bit of a plot twist.

The combination of the words ‘fashion’ and ‘convenience’ is one that often escapes me, and maybe it’s the fact I’ve had one too many colds, or…. shock horror, I actually may be in need a of bit more practicality in my wardrobe, but it has to be said, that puffa; the one that weeks before its purchase I would have turned my nose up at,  reader, it’s well and truly become a mainstay.

Now, it’s as if I’m a woman possessed. As this years puffy, tempting additions began to grace the shop floors, I convinced myself that I needed more. Gold, pink, blue, all these extra coats that definitely have no place in my wardrobe- (and this comes from the girl who owns 20+ coats, and that’s just the ones I wear regularly). If I actually bought the amount of puffa coats I tried on, I’d have bankrupted myself 10x over. So far I’ve managed to resist, but come the January sales- when Christmas money is fresh in my hands and the feeling of festive overindulgence is still my excuse for absolutely everything, I’m pretty sure that gold M&S coat I’ve been coveting will find its way into my shopping basket quicker than I can say ‘puffa’.

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