It’s more than just a handbag, it’s a memory

Hi there, my name is Maria Loizou and I’m a handbag addict. Check me into rehab, throw away the key if you like, but it won’t make a difference- this is one affliction that can never be fixed, and you know what? I don’t even want it to be.

From the moment I began to walk I carried a handbag, God knows what I even put in it… dummies? As a fashion conscious toddler I ensured that I always completed my outfit, and of course, no look would be whole without the humble handbag. I specifically remember having a Disney one, ironically it probably wouldn’t go amiss in something similar to the new Missguided Barbie range, or even a Moschino campaign! Perhaps I actually missed a trick getting rid of the bags, I could have been ahead of Anna Wintour…

I remember my first ever designer bags. One of them, a Mulberry messenger, I still use all the time. The other that doesn’t quite get the same affection anymore is a Juicy Couture bag. Despite the fact I probably will never use that bag again, I could never give it away, it’s a memory! There also may be a chance that Juicy Couture could have a major resurgence… you never know hey?

My 18th birthday was the pinnacle of my handbag career, it was when I bought myself my pride and joy- my Mulberry bayswater bag. However I actually had the money for that at the time is now news to me, as three figures in my bank account right now is a luxury… but at the time I wanted it, and I got it. I even went the whole way and bought it from the Knightsbridge Mulberry branch, gave myself the full, high-end experience. When I left the store, I was thrilled. It sounds pathetic, but there’s nothing like the rush of a big purchase of a bag.

There have been many, beautiful bags since that- a few that are shown on the featured image, and a couple of them have stories of their own. The Louis Vuitton one was my mums- (yes, my handbag addiction is hereditary), and as my mum decides she no longer wants a designer bag, she passes it down to me. I’m now a proud owner of a Louis, Gucci, and Moschino to name a few, and they haven’t cost a penny- so thank you Linda, let me know when you’re fed up of that Chanel…

The bottom left bag, my orange Longchamp has so much more significance to me than I ever thought it would at the time. It was a gift I bought myself as my 23rd birthday present from my Dad, I always had to choose my own gifts as although I love the element of surprise, my poor pa’s tastes weren’t quite up to scratch. Yet, less than a month after my birthday I had the sudden loss of my father. I don’t want to go into that too much, but it now turns out that this handbag is actually the last gift I ever received from my Dad, and I never knew how important that simple handbag would become to me. I knew, like my others I would treasure it, but now it will have more of a significance in my life than ever.

There’ve been bags since, a few too many I may add, but each and every handbag has had a special significance and an individual sort of joy when I’ve had them, and I will continue to see the purchasing of a designer bag as a ‘special moment’ in my life, because they aren’t just handbags, they’re markers of my past. Now I’m going to think about the Prada bag I have my eye on for my next graduation present… to myself of course.

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