Why it doesn’t make me wrong to love D-List (or maybe Z-List) celebrity culture

When people ask me what TV shows I watch regularly, I always pause for a second, and my mind starts ticking. Do I A) Say the current ‘in’ show, which I’ve seen, but don’t quite ‘get?’ B) Admit defeat, and profess that Coronation Street is probably the only show I’ve consistently watched over the last 23 years? C) Or C? Go for an old favourite, a series I’ve watched a million times and probably made myself a little bit sick of by now? (Gossip Girl and Peep Show, I’m looking at you.)

When people ask you what you enjoy, in regard of ‘pop culture’ and taste, it’s more than a simple ‘I like this person/show/song’ answer, you actually become a victim to your response, from one simple answer, often, your whole persona is shaped from that, as with most things, you become judged on your tastes.

Now I have a guilty secret, actually, secret is the wrong word, as I’m not afraid to share it. I have a guilty pleasure. As a Journalism student, I’m sure some people may look down on me for this, but I’m partial to a particular sidebar of shame. BUT WAIT! Please, before you shut down your browser with a look of disgust on your face, let me just explain! I enjoy reading celebrity ‘gossip’ on a variety of different platforms for one simple reason- it provides a sense of escapism.

Just like I enjoy watching Coronation Street- whilst it’s not entirely realistic, its entertaining, I also appreciate lowbrow celebrity culture. Why? Because these things don’t take much energy to watch or read, its a chance to turn your brain off for a while and just immerse yourself into some crap. For a bit, you get to forget about all the little problems that life has brought forward and instead, put yourself into a new world, where you find out who’s pregnant, (seemingly everyone at the moment), and who the newest couples are, and whilst you read this you have complete and utter apathy. Is there anything wrong with that? No. As a self confessed drama queen its nice to gain information without, to be frank, caring.

Is it so wrong for me to be more interested in the latest Taylor Swift break up than (yet another) Dickens novel sometimes? Do I have to alwaaaays do things that include ‘bettering’ myself? Personally, I don’t appreciate this social hierarchy that exists purely on some specific tastes, and that goes across the board. I’m the type of girl who will wear a designer handbag, worth far too much money, with a £2 top I found in a charity shop, simply because I don’t care. If I want something, materialistic, or physical, regardless of whether it ‘matters’ I’ll do it.

Although this sounds petty, I think if we promoted this to a grander scheme, and put it into a bigger perspective, it speaks a lot about society in general. Of course, some things do matter, but other things don’t, and maybe if we had less scales which controlled what’s right and wrong, and more of going with what we feel, things would be a lot better.



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