In times of pressure, it’s the little things that mean the most

Similar to most people on my masters course, I am currently under a lot of pressure. Deadlines are looming, time seems to be passing by (much) more quickly than normal, and theres a mountain of work that seems to be reaching a brand new height. Somehow I’m working through it, but I think that it’s mainly because I’m allowing myself little treats, just a couple a day that seem to make it all (temporarily) better.

When I say treats, I mean that I’m allowing myself things that I normally wouldn’t. Whether its that extra chocolate bar my waistline is begging me not to indulge in, or that cup of coffee that’s slightly more expensive than I can probably afford on a daily basis, I’m ignoring my mental objections and saying yes to it all.

When I think back to other times of pressure and stress, whether its a deadline, or important news, it’s always been those small delights that have made things better. When I was living in Manchester in my final months of my undergraduate degree, my parents would sometimes drive over, and we would just meet for a few hours for lunch. Those few hours of escapism were complete and utter bliss for me, and definitely contributed to my sanity in those fatal final weeks.

I’m not saying everyone is like me, some people don’t need the distractions, they can work straight through with their rewards at the end, and that’s probably the more logical way. You succeed, you get a ‘prize’. That’s always how it’s been in life, and it does make a lot of sense. But, in this day and age where society is becoming more and more impatient, and motivation seems like more of a hope than a concept, we need everything we can to keep us going.

This week, as a little pick me up, my friends and I went to a little coffee shop for lunch. I just had a cup of tea and a brownie, nothing special, but just taking that hour out to sit away from the confines of the university library and just relax, made an afternoon of law and ethics that bit easier.

So, next time your day just seems that little bit too hard, and you’re dreaming of that glass of wine, or even that top you’ve seen in your favourite magazine, go for it. Give yourself that little lift. Although the euphoria may only last for a short time, more often than not it can provide the small boost that you need in order to have a successful and productive day. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Giving yourself all the tools that you need to give yourself the best results possible, no matter what they may be.

All together now. TREAT. YO’. SELF.

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