Reflecting on change

As we near the end of 2016, I look back and reflect on the year that will soon lay behind me. This year has been monumental in so many ways, both in the news, as well as in my own personal journey.

I have been on a journey this year, and it hasn’t been at all easy, but I never imagined that 2016 would end in the amazing way that it has. And, although it may seem slightly ironic, the one thing that has been constant, throughout the ups and the downs- is how often change has come around.

The first big change in my life has been going from my Undergraduate final year to my masters. I knew this jump would be difficult, but I think even that word is an understatement. Not only have I pursued a new subject, but a completely different way of learning. Studying English and French was purely sitting and listening, but studying journalism is doing. Immersing yourself and learning new skills every day, and taking in every single aspect of what is around you, regarding the media in a completely different way. Things that were alien to me two months ago are now part of my everyday life- and thats something I find extremely exciting,

The second big change has been moving back home- full time. I decided that this year I would commute to university, and return to my parental home, which has given me a completely new and different university experience. This may be controversial, but I now know it was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in a long time.  Regardless of how good or bad my day may have been, 99% of the time it’s guaranteed that I can return to my warm, inviting home, and offload to my parents- not to mention the constantly full cupboards.

The third big change, and arguably the most important, is the change in myself. This year has been full of its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure, I will be ending 2016 a stronger, better person. I’ve experienced some of the most difficult knock backs this year, and even felt as if I couldn’t catch a break, as issue after issue followed me around, almost taunting my fleeting moments of (what I thought was)  the end. At this current moment, I have no current qualms- I have a mountain of University work to do, but my outlook on that is not to worry, instead, to embrace my opportunities and create some excellent pieces of writing. I believe that all the negative experiences that I have faced- particularly over the last six months have actually shaped me and made me stronger, ready to combat anything that is ahead of me.

Each year, we are provided with different obstacles, different opportunities, and new horizons. They can be difficult, and you may not like them. Change is an inevitable process of life, and, in my opinion- I see it as a reward. It gives you power to ‘edit’ your own life, and to add new, better parts. What is also great about change, is that it can actually be optional, or just temporary. If we see change as a sense of control, not a punishment, it therefore provides the opportunity to thrive in any way we see possible.

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